About Us

About Us

After retirement, we were determined to begin our Ellestad Tree and Plant Farm. We are a plant nursery based in a small town in Wortham, Texas, between Corsicana and Waco. Don worked for 47 years in the oil industry, and I operated several businesses, including restaurants, small trucking, etc. We love how we are spending our time working with our plants. Don and I started the nursery because we love to watch things progress and grow. This is evident from the high-quality, hardy plants we offer to our wonderful customers in Wortham, Texas.

What do we do?


Brighten up your gardens with our fresh and ornamental perennials. We provide a wide and distinguished variety of perennial plants and flowers in Texas, including beautiful Golden Forsythias, Blooming Hibiscus, Weigela, flowering Caladiums, and Geranium Azaleas, and the most popular beautiful Lilacs. Small Backyard Nursery should be your first choice if you’re located in central Texas and looking for the best perennial flowers to make you feel better in the scorching heat.

Crape Myrtles and Fruit Trees

Add beauty and drama to your Garden by adding Crape Myrtles to them. We grow a huge variety of eye-catching Crape Myrtles for sale in Texas in several beautiful colors: Red Buds, Magnolias, Bald Cypress, and Red Buckeye. Not just this, but we have several fruits trees too, which include many delicious fruits such as Peach, Pear, Fig, Apple, and Plum.

Strawberry Plants

In the Ellestad Tree and Plant Farm, we began with around 100 plants of juicy and flavorful strawberries. We have a total of around 4000 strawberry plants and trees for sale in Texas at the Ellestad Tree and Plant Farm, and we are expecting to increase that to more than 8000 by next spring.

Get In Touch!

Wondering what plant would work best for your garden? Don’t worry. We have you covered. We have a tremendous variety of shrubs, bushes, and trees available in our nursery, have a talk with us, and take home your favorites!