Do you admire roses or sunflowers or every flower out there? You’ll then love our beautiful flowers, bushes, and trees. Not just attractive flowers, but improved hardiness, death resistance, petal sizes, and bloom time. Our beautiful range of flowers will work well in your garden to make your landscape even elegant. We have hollies, Texas Redbuds, tropical hibiscus plants, tree bushes for sale in Texas. Moreover, Magnolias trees, flowers and plants and large holly bushes are available for sale at our store. Visit our store and pick up your favorite one today!

Why choose us?

Finding something affordable and quality both at the same time is a tedious task, but no more! Our Ellestad Tree and Plant Farm does not just render you with top-notch plants, but the price ranges of these plants are extremely affordable. Not just that, but our customer support is always available to fulfill all the concerns of our customers and to assist them in making the right choice.

What makes your plants different?

Our plants may seem like all the other plants in the market, but what makes them different is the quality of disease resistance, the blooming time of our flowers, and how they stay fresh for a long time. We provide more than ample care for our plants, high-quality fertilizers that work best for them.

Get In Touch!

Wondering what plant would work best for your garden? Don’t worry. We have you covered. We are one of the leading backyard nurseries in Wortham, Texas and have a tremendous variety of shrubs, bushes, and trees available in our nursery. Have a talk with us, and take home your favorites!